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I’d buy it if it was in black.
Ancient proverb (via suspend)


This police officer used some of the weed he confiscated to make pot brownies. He and his wife had a little too much, and the resulting 911 call is hilarious.

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My fav 😏👌


My fav 😏👌


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Me, all the time.

Me, all the time.











Don’t know if we can look at Coke every the same way again. Be prepared to cringe when you watch the full video  here. 

sugar caramelizes when heated, more shocking news to follow

It’s like that guy setting coffee creamer on fire and being like “people drink this stuff!” and it’s like yeah, a dry powder suspended in air is flammable, shock horror.


Never show these guys how candy is made, they’ll shit themselves.

*quietly facepalms forever*

I hate when people try to prove foods are unhealthy using properties utterly unrelated to their value as foods.  You can make anything sound gross if you want to.

Did you know that salt is the same chemical we use to defrost sidewalks?!?!

Did you know that water is a major component in pig urine?!?!

Did you know that bread is made of wheat that has been ground into a powder and artificially reconstituted into a loaf shape using a fungus?!?!

Did u know that oxygen is what Hitler used to breathe?????

Bless all this

they wasted a soda what a loser

The thing about soul mates many people don’t grasp (or at least don’t pay enough attention to) is your soulmate loving you and being there for you no matter what. Normally, people use this phrase when talking about an argument they have with someone they’re involved with: “Yeah, but I thought you loved me no matter what!” But do they? A partner or a date may still take you out again because of the tattoo you got while you were drunk or because you had something stuck in your teeth, but… but your soul mate… they are there for life. For every life. Your soul mate will love you when you fall off of the [insert addiction here] wagon. They will be there to help you back into it. Your soul mate will love you when you eat popcorn and drink coffee in one sitting, so you end up in the bathroom three times in one hour to take a shit. They will be there to rub your thigh and give you a glass of Sprite to soothe your stomach. Your soul mate will not love your flaws considering you hate them; that’s why they’re flaws. Rather, they would compliment you little by little until you not only stop hating your flaws, but acknowledge them and not allow them to drag you down. Some people don’t realize your soul mate is with you always. Disagreement is human. Arguing is human. Although, your soul and theirs are ALWAYS in sync, even though your physical bodies are leagues apart, your stances on something are totally conflicted, and you’re right-wing and they’re left. It doesn’t fucking matter. Soul mates are there for you even when they don’t have to be — especially when they don’t have to be. Your soul mate might hate your knock-knock jokes and you might hate their snoring, but that’s what makes the whole concept of souls being drawn to each other for thousands of years so intriguing. Your soul mate, in another life, could fucking fall out of their chair laughing at your knock-knock jokes and they could go every night without one snore. You don’t care if they wake you up crying over a Disney movie and they don’t care if you spend some money from a loan on a new pair of jeans. You’ll comfort them and tell them Todd and Copper will always be in each other’s hearts and they’ll sew a patch on those jeans when they rip. Your soul mate really, truly will fucking love you NO MATTER WHAT. They aren’t the light at the end of the tunnel, oh, no. They are the oil lamp in your hand and the book of matches in your pocket. Even when you are in the darkest corner of your mind, they will always be there to strike and brighten that sucker up.
“The Thing About Soul Mates” , Bella Militi (via redeemedmeg)





don’t you mean the UNHOLY trinity?

Come with me

And you’ll be

In a world of pure procrastination

No other sport demands and rewards the complete abandonment of the self the way that rowing does… The team effort— the perfectly synchronized flow of muscle, oars, boat, and water; the single, whole, unified, and beautiful symphony that a crew in motion becomes— is all that matters. Not the individual, not the self.
Daniel James Brown, The Boys in the Boat (via itsneverenoughtime)
Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
Marthe Troly-Curtin (via kushandwizdom)

I got nothing but love for you

I got nothing but love for you